Poker Night in America | Season 4, Episode 37

– [Chris] From Seminole Hard Rock in Hollywood, Florida. This is Poker Night In America. (jazz music) Welcome to Poker Night In America, I’m Chris Hanson along with Joe Stapleton. – I’m on Tinder. We are back at the Seminole Hard Rock playing some poker on the paradise live stage. It is so cool, that these guys are playing poker, on the same stage as so many talented musical acts, as well as Smashmouth.

We gotta warn you, in this episode, we are going to be showing some serious amounts of skin. – Yes, but actually, the warning is about the fact that over 65 percent of that skin belongs to Mike Dentale. Bake ’em away, toys. – [Chris] Buy-ins go from five to 10,000 tonight, here at Seminole Hard Rock.

It’s our first day, back in Florida. – [Joe] Tight is right. – [Chris] Blinds are 25 and 50. On Poker Night In America.

– Yum, yum. How do people flop sets here, you, him? So easy, huh?

– Well, you have to start with a pair, Mike. Call it in ahead of time. Tell me to remember to start with a pair, doesn’t start with a pair too often. That’s the problem.

– [Man] That is a key. – When you start with a pair, it’s easier. You know, it’s not. It helps.

It makes it a little easier. – [Joe] I wonder how much Mike Dentale is charging for those two tickets to the gun show. Probably going for below face.

– Yes, you have more shots at quad. – [Chris] Sigel makes it 175, and DiPascale makes it 500. – [Joe] Hanson, who’s wearing it better right now, Sam Abernathy or Mike Dentale? – Could we get cocktails? – [Joe] Shoulders! – [Chris] I’m gonna give the nod to Abernathy on that one, sorry.

– [Joe] Agreed. – Check. – Checks in the dark. – [Joe] Everything’s in the dark for this guy, pretty sure the, presidential motorcade has less tint than those glasses.

– [Chris] Flop is jack high. (poker players chatting) – Samantha, that was a nice run you had at Sugar House. – Thank you, yeah. – [Chris] So a 1,000 from DiPascale and then a raise to 2,000 from Sigel. – [Joe] Normally I would say this is a bad raise, but something tells me DiPascale does not play nearly as tight as his euro fade. – [Sam] Yeah, that was twice.

With Zachary. – [Man] Yeah. – [Sam] I forgot about that. – I’m all in. – [Joe] Oh, boy. His hand is like the poker equivalent of “do you even lift, bro?”

– Find out, for 2,000. – [Joe] I think normally that fold is gonna be correct, but as you can see by that very natural tan there isn’t much normal about this game. – [Chris] Mike Sigel today, he’s losing some of his real estate at the table.

With all of the muscle that is starting to impede from both sides of him. – [Joe] Squeeze it in there, buddy. – Yeah, he’s on tilt, full blast.

– Well, you’re gonna be on tilt now. (laughs) – Me? I’m not. – We should just keep the fire department on speed dial.

– Yeah. – There’s gonna be some chip flood fire, we don’t know who’s yet. – Round, round and round. – [Man] The coals are burning. – [Joe] Looks like the straddles on, it’s a blind raise to 100.

From Mike Laake. – [Chris] Actions on the button on Mike Dentale. Brings it up to 250. – Come on, my chips don’t even hit the felt, like (censored). (laughing) – We’re just trying to isolate the fish. It’s like, I don’t get it, raise.

– [Joe] Sigel’s three bet his jacks. Dentale’s in position, but he is gonna be dominated a lot. – Raise. It’s always raising, raising, raising. Gonna have no chips left if you keep raising. – I just keep raising with the best hand, if it doesn’t hold up, if I get out played, I can’t help that, man.

– [Joe] It’s a five card game is something someone who sucks out a lot says. – [Sigel] It’s as simple as that. – [Dentale] Are you gonna win? – [Sigel] I’m gonna win this one. 1,500. I call.

– [Dealer] Pocket fives? – Yeah. – [Joe] Sigel can only hit a jack to win this hand.

– Like I said, if you hit, (censored)runner, runner I’m gonna lose. I’m gonna keep playing the best hand, though. – [Chris] And for Mike Sigel, two hands and there goes the fist buy-in.

– [Joe] He’s actually taking it really well. – 10, I got 11 back. – [Chris] Once the thoughts actually come out of the brain, through the vocal cords and out the mouth, then we’re gonna have some fun. – Wow, I got a lot of fish food on this one, man. – [Sigel] You’re gonna do real good.

Like I said, if the worst hand loses, I’m gonna do very badly. – All right, I got a flight to catch. Someone coming in for me? – I would get outta here if I was you. – [Joe] Looks like Sigel’s coming back in for another 8K, don’t get hot, get in the pot!

– Rough start for Mike Sigel, let’s see if he can crawl his way back up, after the break. – And you guys crawl your back too, okay? Yes, we know you’re drunk.

– [Announcer] Get ready to win, by downloading Insta Poker Coach. The number one Texas hold’em training app from the app store or Google play. And learn from the pros. – Welcome back, to Poker Night In America. Along with Joe Stapleton, I’m Chris Hanson, let’s get back to our poker.

Poker Night In America back at Seminole Hard Rock. We got a straddle and a re-straddle. In this hand.

– I’m not gonna insult your intelligence, Jake. I did not have kings. I have better than that. – [Man] Kings and above’s all the same, though. – [Dealer] Raise it up, five’s the bet.

– No. – [Chris] It’s a raise to 500, from Schindler. – [Joe] I like this raise, with a suited ace he can make the nuts and he’s in position, after the flop.

– What I had above, and you could have a lot of hands I could make a lot of money with. Cards rolled out, right? – [Chris] Well, it’s a good raise from Schindler, but unfortunately, it got zero people to fold here. – [Joe] He is by far the best hand, four handed.

Well, he was. – If twos or threes come, I like Dan’s hand. I hope he’s not twos and threes. – [Dealer] Seven is the bet. – [Chris] The first bet is 700, from Sigel. – Seven.

– [Joe] Nice fold, DiPascale. – We had the two sevens, it was so bad, you just threw 300, I saw you. I hope there’s not a two or a three out there, you know? – [Joe] I think Jake could easily come in for a raise here. He’ll probably be happy to get some more money in this pot. And he’d probably be fine to get it all in, actually.

– [Chris] Abernathy folds. – [Joe] Also folding top pair, good fold. – [Chris] So the raise was to 2,600. Sigel called, so here we go, to the turn. – [Joe] DiPascale’s a good tipper, I’m gonna go easy on him after that. – I’m all in.

– [Chris] Sigel now has two pair and he’s all in. – [Joe] He has improved, but it really doesn’t change much about this for Jake, since any improvement, he’ll still beat Mike. – I’ll tell you two truths.

I don’t have jack nine and kings are no good. – [Chris] Are we playing a new game now? Is this like two truths and one lie, or?

– [Joe] I don’t know what his point is in telling him that. – Come on, Jake. Come on, man. – Call. – Two pair. Okay, I told you, kings are no good.

– [Chris] Sigel, a little salty. That he just got called on the draw. – [Joe] Jake might have two many outs. – I was hoping he had kings, less of a chance to lose his hand. Any king or queen. – [Man] Not the king or queen of diamonds.

– (Censored) you, call with that. – [Chris] Here comes the river. And the flush does not come home, so Sigel, finally, wins a hand. – 90. 96 and a quarter. I was (censored) praying he didn’t have that hand.

– [Joe] Make no mistake, Jake’s not leaving the table, this game is way too good. He’s just gonna get some more money out of his old lady coin purse, the big chips are next to the bus pass. Huge pot for Mike Sigel. Yuge. – We need a dictionary and an encyclopedia to have a conversation with him. You gotta speak his language.

– Wouldn’t that make him very smart? – [Sigel] Yeah. Actually, that’s the wrong two books that I did pick, Mike. You need a book, but not, you’re right, not a dictionary or encyclopedia.

Rosetta Stone. It’s a new language right there, Rosetta Stone. – Yeah, he’s right there.

– [Joe] Joe, you’re action next, brother. – Love a good friendly cash game, that would never fly in a tournament. – [Chris] Well, plus they know he’s got plenty of money to get in the pots, they don’t want him to miss a chance to bluff away more money. – [Joe] As indicated by the fact that he just put in 400 dollars blind. (laughs) – [Chris] Yeah, we’ll wait for DiPascale, as long as he needs, whatever works best for you, we’re on your timeframe. Abernathy calls out of the big blind.

And, now to Dentale, he will fold. Sigel calls. – [Joe] Sam with the worst of it, three ways. Sam flops okay, though, not as dominated here as she should be.

– [Chris] Sigel fires out 900. A call. From Joe DiPascale. – [Joe] Sam’s definitely gotta call though, that money out there. – [Chris] Has DiPascale looked at his cards yet, do you know? – [Joe] Looks like he’s going for it now, if he hadn’t then.

And Sam gets there on the turn. Sigel and DiPascale, drawing dead. Sigel can chop at least.

Maybe. Sam hoping to get called by Just an eight. Poor guy, who’s just a know better meaty meat head. – Did you look? – Did I look?

I’m not sure. – Alright, I’m all in. There’s three there. – [Joe] Joe’s gotta 1,375 and his best case scenario is to chop this pot. – How much is it? – It’s 1,375 more.

– [Sigel] He just spend 4,000 with nothing. He just spent 4,000 with zero. She raised him 1,000 more, he can’t call. She bet 3,000, she raised him 1,000 more, he can’t call. – [Joe] Normally, I wouldn’t know how he could even think about making this call, he’s just getting such a ridiculous price.

– It’s bad, huh? – Let me see, can I see? – I had that buried. – Well, you’re chopping an eight. – [Joe] There are no chops here, my friend.

– Technically, how could he win? – Oh, you wanna know now? Rosetta Stone? – How could he win? How could he win? It’s impossible.

– [Chris] It does hurt, but there’s no reason to just give her 1,300 bucks. If your best hope is hitting one of the eights in the deck. – [Joe] I’m sure plenty of poker players would just give her 1,300 bucks, but maybe they’d rather not do it in such an obvious spot. (poker players speaking over each other) – Nice try at that bluff, Joe. But, Bambi is unflappable.

– She’s also unapproachable. I’m kidding, she’s quite approachable, but still, don’t. – [Announcer] Poker Night In America is brought to you by Kimo Sabe. – Well, hello there, welcome back to Poker Night In America with Joe Stapleton, I’m Chris Hanson and let’s get back to the poker.

Poker Night In America brought to you by Kimo Sabe. – I’ll call, (censored) it. – I will (censored) call. I will raise.

How much is that? – I should say I’m never calling him. – This might be a big one, just so you know.

– [Chris] To Sam Abernathy. [Joe] And she must have something pretty decent, to think about playing against the dude who hasn’t played a hand the entire episode. – [Chris] Abernathy calls with the fives. – [Joe] Perfect hand to call with and take a juiced up multi way flop. And so is Jack 10 for that matter.

– [Chris] How about five three? – [Joe] Not so much. – [Chris] So four players will go to the flop. Laake, a slight advantage as we see the flop. And wow, what a flop for him. But things are gonna get interesting here in a second.

– [Joe] Laake starts best, flops best. But this is a dicey board, he should not be checking this. – [Chris] Nobody willing to bet, so it’s back round to Laake. 1,600 is the amount. Now with pocket fives from Abernathy, this could be a place where you call, maybe see a turn.

– [Joe] I mean, she’s got a straight draw, can improve on the set, but neither one of those is gonna be, okay, no, just call. It’s fine. If you hit your set you’re on a four card straight draw, if you make a straight there’s other bigger straights out there. Not a gigantic fan of calling there.

Dentale’s gutshot is a long shot but at least when he hits it, it’ll usually be good. – [Chris] And Mike does call. After DiPascale folds, we’re now three players. To the turn. – [Joe] 7,700 in the middle. – [Sigel] What do you think, red dues or black ten?

– [Joe] That Is a great card for Laake. Someone could have improved and has almost never gonna affect the strength of his hand on this board. – [Chris] And the players gonna let Laake name his price. – [Joe] He’s gonna wanna make this sizeable, again, it’s a pretty dicey board, lots of draws out there. – [Chris] 4,000.

– [Joe] This pot is getting big. – [Chris] And with little to no effort, look at that. Laake plays one hand and wins one hand.

– I’m fishing. I’m just having a blast. – Good thing I gave you an 8K headstart today.

– I got a lot of odds, a lot of money in the middle. Good chance I’ll take a shot. To win a huge pot.

– [Joe] I got a lot of odds, the best odds. Everybody’s always saying how many odds I got. Great odds. Huge odds.

Oh, we kid, but we care, Mike Dentale. – [Chris] Seriously, with arms that big, I would never make fun of you. At least to your face, I would do it on TV all day long. – [Joe] Let’s make America sleeveless again. – [Joe] (laughs) Sam Abernathy is such a funny texter. Turn my phone off now.

Do you know the perfect animated gif that says, “Leave me alone for a second, babe, I’m working”? – [Chris] No, what’s that? – [Joe] No, I need one. Sam facing a 900 dollar call, I think she should probably just fold this, her implied odds are okay, but she’s just not gonna make the winner that often with seven six off. – [Chris] Would you stop?

She called. – [Joe] Sorry. Even though he’s in position, this is just a huge raise to call a pre flop. I’m fine with the fold.

– [Chris] All right, so we’re heads up with Laake and Abernathy. – [Joe] Especially because we know he was dominated. At least Abernathy is alive.

Oh, man. Dentale would’ve flopped two pair. Unfortunately Abernathy’s caught a piece, so she’s gonna have to call at least one time. She’s in position at least, now. – [Chris] 1,400 the bet from Laake. Over to Abernathy.

– [Joe] So remember, whenever you’re talking about implied odds, there’s also reverse implied odds and that’s the money you’re gonna lose when you make a costly second best hand and for right now, that’s what Sams got. And you don’t call 1,100 pre flop with seven six and then fold when you hit a six. – [Chris] All right, so here comes the turn. Jack of hearts.

– [Joe] Laake’s gotta still like his hand, but he may or may not want to pot control a little here and make the pot not too much bigger. – [Chris] He does check. – All in. – [Chris] Abernathy takes advantage of that check and shoves it all in for 6,350. – [Joe] Well, that’s one way to try to win the hand.

– [Chris] Turning her six into a bluff. I think Laake’s gotta call, though, there aren’t many hands Sam would need to protect here that ace queen is actually losing to. And if she had something that ace queen was doing really bad against, she probably wouldn’t have shoved. (poker player drowned out by shuffling chips) – [Chris] Ship it from mama. Well, Laake has got to be feeling pretty good after those last couple of hands.

– Affirmative. Find out who else is up all night to get Laake, when we get back. – Listen, no matter what I have fun on the set, I like Sigel and I have no bad blood for the guy what so ever. But he don’t shut the (bleep) up when you’re in a hand.

He just keeps yapping away, yapping away and yapping away and kind of does throw my train of thought. And I don’t want to annoy people, I don’t want to tank too long, peole want to play the game. Listen I’m one to give it and I can take it all day long. I love the banter, I love having a good time but I don’t think he does it on purpose, I think he means well. I just think he’s an airhead. – [Announcer] Get ready to win by downloading Insta Poker Coach, the number one Texas hold’em training app from the app store or Google play.

And learn from the pros. – Welcome back to Poker Night In America, lets check out the final score. – [Chris] So what did Michael Laake play like?

Seriously, two hands and he’s up 15,000 on the night? Life’s not fair. – [Joe] It’s the two that counted, check out Jake Schindler, he played a whole bunch and he’s up 50 bucks. Hit and run, Jake, get outta there! Some ups and downs in the poker, but as far as I can tell, no one was eaten by the wildlife and no one contracted a deadly disease, so it’s pretty much a win for anyone in Florida.

– Jennifer Tilly is gonna join the table next time, and she has a hard time keeping her Mikes straight. – Classic Jennifer. – For more from Poker Night, visit or find us on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Twitch, for up to date information, full episodes and unedited live streams.

For Joe Stapleton, I’m Chris Hanson, we’ll see you next time. – God, I had such a nice hand when I sat down. – How could I possibly lose this hand, right?

– Did you look at your cards at any point? (laughing) No. – Yeah, he looked. – After she went all in, I looked. – [Chris] Poker Night is brought to you by Kimo Sabe.