Macau – Top Things To See

This is the morning commute in Hong Kong I’m going to the ferry terminal to go to Macau the harbour pedestrian walkway is everywhere this is the morning commute I’m about to take one of these ferries to Macau. How fast is it? One hour to Macau. Did you bring your passport? Yeah. was basically about $85 dollars for both of us to go to Macau for today The ferry leaves every 15 minutes.

Going to Macau! This is our ferry! Macau is a special administrative region of China that was once ruled by the Portuguese starting in the 16th century lasting until 1999 when it was handed over to the Chinese. Macau is a popular region for gambling and is the only area in China where you can legally gamble. In fact it overtook Las Vegas as the biggest gambling destination in the world the city has a unique mix of colonial Portuguese and Chinese building alright so I reached Macau – check this out this is the Portuguese area here this is the historic downtown it’s going to be building again I’ve never seen so many colonial buildings like what do you think I love it first impressions awesome really cool we’ve been transported we’ve been transported to a new world the historic centre of Macau is a unesco world heritage site which includes the senado square Macau is governed by two systems one country where it controls its own currency in its own customs on the currency you’ll see the st. Dominic’s Church which is done in Baroque style macau flag prepared and also raised there you’ll also notice the Portuguese blue tiles or azulejos all over Macau. It’s really hot here.

Macau consists of three Islands connected by beautiful modern bridges here we take a taxi to a famous restaurant called Fernando’s that serves fusion food Chinese and Portuguese the beach and Macau bring your bathing suit Fernando’s is a beachside restaurant where we enjoyed Portuguese fusion food including wine and clams but we found ourselves in a little bit of a predicament when we ran out of cash so we’re at the beach we just signed up Fernando’s which is a Portuguese restaurant the meal ended up costing about 765 Hong Kong which is about a hundred dollars us and we ran out of Hong Kong money all the taxi drivers only take Hong Kong or Macau dollars so now we have to find a way to get back home so I think we found a way out this bus behind me is $6.40, six dollars and 40 cents to get back to the historic district versus $115 per taxi all right ladies this is an Asian toilet there you go – that’s what you deal with here. Alright so we made it on the bus. Bring cash, bring exact change when you come to Macau. [Portuguese] [Chinese] while on the bus we pass by some of the massive casinos including Studio City which has a hollywood-themed inside there’s a club called Pacha the same that’s found in Ibiza right here although there’s no water inside and he’s not sure what happened all right so got off the bus- it took us to where we wanted to go 6 dollars versus like 100! Best part of the day – cheers.

There is a Brazilian restaurant here next we head to the ruins of st. Paul built by the Jesuits in the early 1600s during its heyday.┬áIt was one of the largest Catholic churches in Asia this is so cool sir sergeant picture going on through the ruins of st. Paul are one of Macau’s most visited attractions only the facade remains the rest was burned down in a fire caused by a typhoon in 1835 Macau is a unique mix of Chinese culture 400 year old Portuguese heritage and Las Vegas extravagance if you’re staying in Hong Kong it’s definitely worth a side trip one of the best street foods to get in Macau is the egg waffle which is a tasty dessert look at all the motorbikes we hope that you get a chance to visit Macau very soon if you liked this video hit the thumbs up button and subscribe for more travel videos!